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Automobile Crashes

I Was Injured in a Car Accident in Washington County. What Steps Do I Need to Take If I Want to File a Personal Injury Claim?

The first thing to tend into after any car accident is everyone’s safety. You want to make sure any injuries get addressed, and you want to make sure to minimize the potential for subsequent injuries due to oncoming traffic. Crashes are traumatic, and our physical responses to them can cause our minds and bodies to “mask” pain and injuries. Be aware of this. Before you jump to react to your unexpected situation, take a moment to make sure you, and all of your passengers are okay to move or get out of your car before reacting on “auto-pilot.” Once you know the condition of everyone in your vehicle, you’ll want to check on others involved in the crash as well. Be very cautious as you do this. There is a good chance that your vehicle and the other vehicle are still in harm’s way. So, make sure that you don’t do anything to further jeopardize yourself or others as you get out. Where injuries exist, you may need to call for help to assist. What level of care you or others might be able to provide at the scene is dependent upon the urgency of their medical need and the level of training of those present…Read More

Once I Hire a South Central Indiana Personal Injury Attorney for My Car Accident Case, What Information Is Critical to Share with Them?

The overarching theme in the attorney-client relationship is complete honesty and openness. Only then can I, as an attorney, do the best job possible for you as the client. Attorneys are professionals. We’ve been specially trained in the law, and we’ve had a variety of clients, mentorships, and job situations over the years that shape the way we handle cases—I would even say that no two attorneys, even those working for the same law firm or the same supervisor, will have the exact same approach to any given client or any given case. Based on our individual training and experience, we will ask the information that we think is important to represent the client’s interests. It’s then the client’s job to answer those inquiries as honestly and completely as possible to avoid any misunderstanding or the possibility that something’s going to be overlooked…Read More

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