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Cycling Collisions

Who Is Liable When a Bicyclist and a Driver Collide in Indiana?

Either party can share in the fault under Indiana law. A bicyclist in Indiana has to follow the same rules of the road that an automobile follows, but cyclists also have to recognize that they’re less visible. There are available precautions that most don’t take that could prevent crashes and minimize the impact of injuries. A lot of comparative fault could rest with a bicyclist due to the bicycling habits that we see from a lot of non-competitive cyclists. The more serious bicyclists tend to log more miles on the road and take more safety precautions, like wearing reflective jackets, helmets, and flags.

Nevertheless, there’s still a duty on the part of every motorist driving a vehicle to keep a proper lookout and to maintain a proper following distance and all the things that go into avoiding any other type of crash. When a motorist fails to follow the rules of the road and fails to see a bicyclist, certainly there should be some fault assessed against the motorist who caused the crash.

The significant thing with bicyclists is to remember they’re not surrounding by two tons of steel so the potential injuries can be much more devastating. Even cases involving comparative fault can still result in a substantial recovery based on that and also on what the motorist’s insurance coverages are.

What Are Some of the Most Common Types of Injuries You See as a Result of Cyclist Accidents?

Broken bones (ankle and foot fractures, leg fractures both in the femur and the lower leg) and head injuries – and unfortunately, death – are common injuries bicyclists are likely to sustain. Head injuries can include what we call traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and when those occur, there is oftentimes a lingering effect that can result in substantial damage to the individual, which should entitle them, if the insurance limits warrant, to a substantial recovery.

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