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How To Avoid Delays In Personal Injury Settlements?

The personal injury claims process is often long and complex. Many times, personal injury settlement checks take unreasonably long to arrive. If a competent personal injury lawyer does not represent you, your claim may even be denied. “What are the top reasons for delaying checks?” you might ask. Delays in settlement checks are common for several reasons. These reasons range from human error to insurance companies acting in bad faith. No matter what you are up against, Thomas E. Scifres, P.C, has seen it all. Our firm’s leading expert has practiced personal injury law in Indiana for over 25 years, so you know you’re in good hands.

If you have experienced a personal injury and require compensation, there are many benefits when getting a personal injury lawyer. These benefits include significantly improving the odds of your claim’s success, having an expert stand up for you in a trial, and much more. However, one of the best reasons to speak to a personal injury attorney is to get your settlement check as soon as possible. Speak to Thomas Scifres, personal injury attorney in Salem, IN, to avoid delays in your settlement.

Thwart “Disagreements” Over Who Is Responsible

Proving that you have been the victim of someone else’s carelessness or neglect is not always straightforward. Establishing the correct liability is especially difficult because insurance companies prefer to diminish or deny claims. Not only will insurances attempt to minimize your claim, but they may even try to make it seem like you were at fault. Unless you are under the protection of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, insurance companies are particularly good at executing this strategy. They are trained in misleading accident victims that do not have legal representation. Don’t get pressured to take responsibility for the negligence of another. Instead, have our firm render a fairer settlement for you while concentrating on your recovery.

In addition to manipulating the accident story, there are also passive-aggressive tactics insurance companies may attempt to reject or slow down your claims. One common approach is to outright deny your claim without explaining why. Another passive-aggressive tactic is simply delaying the claim until a victim quits on trying to get compensated. These examples are all an infringement on your right to heal from your injury. Thus, speaking to a personal injury attorney is imperative to avoid being blamed for your injury.

Protect Yourself From Human Error

Sustaining an injury can be overwhelming, especially after a severe accident. Victims of accidents are not always in the headspace to aggressively pursue settlement money when they are also concerned with healing or managing pain. Accidentally missing the deadline for filing a claim is a common obstacle to a proper settlement. After an accident, the priority is often managing your injury. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get a claim together on time, and unfortunately, this can lead to the denial of a claim. It’s best to allow a skilled personal injury lawyer to manage your claim from the beginning so that you can focus on what’s important while we get you paid promptly.

The office handling your claim might be dysfunctional due to various logistical reasons, including work-overflow, the potential for human error, or an absence of employees. Therefore, mistakes on the insurance company’s end may also delay your settlement check. Our professional guarantee is that our firm will be on top of the case, controlling everything we can and ensuring optimal efficiency.

Act Today To Prevent Settlement Delays

Remember, insurance companies are “for-profit” institutions. They operate with a profit-minded approach and, due to this, will unnecessarily drag out your personal injury claim. They may even low-ball you by offering you an amount early on in your medical treatment. It is critical to complete a full recovery before knowing what offer is worth accepting. Don’t take an early settlement offer before consulting an experienced personal injury attorney. Take your first step towards a fair and prompt settlement by reaching out to Thomas E. Scifres, P.C, Salem, IN.

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