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Is It Worth Getting A Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury, you are probably overwhelmed with treating and dealing with the injury itself, let alone the associated medical bills, lost wages, and potential short-term or long-term disability.

With all of those things on your plate, the idea of hiring a personal injury lawyer may seem even more overwhelming. After all, what does a personal injury lawyer really do? And would you be able to afford it?

As it turns out, it is absolutely in your best interest to hire a personal injury lawyer for your Salem, IN personal injury case—and by offering accessible contingency payment and other payment plans, we’ll make sure you can afford it.

Why is it in your best interest to hire a personal injury lawyer in Salem, IN? We can give you five major reasons, right off the bat.

1. They know how to deal with insurance companies. Your main opponent in a personal injury lawsuit will be insurance companies—whether it’s your own provider or the provider of the liable party. Even if you are dealing with your own policy, insurance companies will do absolutely everything they can in order to avoid paying out on claims. This means trying to lowball you in negotiations, trying to trick you into deals that aren’t in your best interest, and trying to poke holes in your story to avoid being held responsible. They will use any tactic they can get away with to get around paying you the money you deserve.

Personal injury attorneys deal with insurance companies every day. They know all the maneuvers and legal tricks that insurance companies play to avoid paying out on claims, and they can protect you against them. They can also represent your best interests, advocating on your behalf and showing the insurance company that you’re not just some pushover who doesn’t know any better and is going to accept the lowest offer.

Insurance companies always hire very competent personal injury attorneys to protect their profit interests. You deserve the same level of protection for your rightful settlement.

2. Statute of Limitations and Rule Compliance: There are many rules and regulations that dictate exactly who can file a personal injury claim, as well as when they can file, and how they must file.

For example, each state has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which means that personal injury suits must be filed within a certain window of time after an accident. Not filing within that window, and not following the many other rules pertaining to personal injury case procedure, can prevent a person from collecting any damages on their case at all. A personal injury attorney knows all of these important deadlines and rules and will ensure that you are always in compliance with them.

3. Personal Injury Attorneys can help you estimate the true value of your claim. If you are not a personal injury attorney, it can be very difficult to accurately assess the value of your personal injury claim. In addition to reimbursement for medical bills, you may also be liable for reimbursement for many other losses you incurred from your injury. Depending on the case, this may include other economic damages (i.e., lost wages and capacity to work) as well as non-economic damages (i.e., pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.)

A personal injury attorney can accurately evaluate what you can claim and demand in your personal injury suit, and is far more likely to get you the full settlement that you deserve.

4. Personal Injury Attorneys can build your case. There is a lot of hard, detail-intensive work that goes into building a personal injury case, especially if it gets to the level of litigation. Personal injury attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and support staff to do that case-building work. They are also often connected to networks of expert witnesses and consultants who can further corroborate your case and help put your best foot forward.

5. Personal injury attorneys can represent you in any venue, whether inside or outside of the courtroom. Many personal injury cases are merely a matter of negotiation without ever getting to the lawsuit stage. In those negotiations, having an attorney makes all the difference, as it means that you came to the table ready to play ball. However, if those negotiations do not result in a suitable settlement, your personal injury attorney will also be prepared to represent you in the courtroom, taking your case through to litigation. At that point, representation by an attorney is even more essential, as lay people are very unlikely to be able to effectively advocate for themselves in court.

Are you or a loved one looking for a personal injury lawyer in Salem, Indiana? If so, Attorney Thomas E. Scifres, PC is ready to help. Call today for a free consultation on your personal injury case.

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