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What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers ensure that individuals are taken care of in the aftermath of an injury. Many victims are unsure of what to do once they have been injured, and a personal injury attorney provides guidance and steps toward a settlement by diligently pursuing the claim and handling the intricacies of the insurance company process.

Fortunately, in Salem, Indiana, the rate of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses are fairly low; however, should an individual find themselves affected by personal injuries, it is imperative to seek out a personal injury settlement attorney. Attorneys can serve an invaluable role to individuals attempting to recover compensation after an injury that would allow them to seek appropriate care.

What Distinguishes Thomas E. Scifres, P.C.?

Attorney Thomas Scifres has been servicing southern Indiana for over 25 years. Understanding the values and relating to those he services has allowed him to create a firm that the people of Salem, Indiana can trust with their personal injury needs.

At Thomas E. Scifres, P.C., their big picture focus approach guarantees that those in the Salem, Indiana community are accommodated to the utmost extent. Not only does Thomas E. Scifres, P.C. work to prove negligence and recover damages, the firm prioritizes all of the minute details of cases that will benefit clients even further in the future. This approach is reflective of the firm’s dedication to the clients’ needs and interests above all else.

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What Type Of Personal Injury Cases Does Thomas E. Scifres, P.C. Handle?

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

The firm takes on cases with a wide variety of injury types. In Salem, Indiana the more common personal injury cases include automobile crashes, trucking crashes, Cycling Collisions, and Slips and Falls.

Automobile & Trucking Crashes

Personal injury lawyers are essential to automobile crash victims who suffer injuries. An attorney will ease the burden of a crash by making sure all injuries are addressed appropriately, communicating with the insurance company, and working to ensure that all possible damages are paid to the individual.

Trucking crashes tend to be a bit more severe than the average automobile crash due to the size of the vehicles involved. The results of trucking crashes can be permanently debilitating; wrongful deaths, head traumas with ongoing cognitive impairment, spinal injuries, and serious fractures are frequently seen in the aftermath. In Salem and southern Indiana, accidents in which the truck driver or company is liable typically involve the driver’s inattention or failure to follow safety rules, vehicle failure, loads shifting in cargo holds, and spills on the road. Because of the increased insurance measures with commercial vehicles and semi-trucks, several additional case factors are considered and dealt with by personal injury lawyers. For example, these attorneys will check into the drivers’ regulations, logs, and vehicle maintenance as well as the specific details regarding the truck and its load. Furthermore, additional parties are involved when it comes to trucking crashes which means that liability is not black and white as it might be with an automobile accident and might be shared.

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Cycling Collisions

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

While bicyclists must follow the same laws of the road that any automobile follows and either or both parties can have fault in an accident, they also must recognize that they are less visible. Most of the driver-liable injuries seen in Salem, Indiana are a result of motorists failing to properly lookout and failing to maintain a safe following distance. Accidents often lead to broken bones and head injuries as well as death. Personal injury settlement attorneys offer services to maximize the recovery an individual is entitled to in efforts to properly care for themselves.

Slips and Falls

Injuries from slips and falls are often due to messes that have not been cleaned up, particularly in restaurants, grocery stores, or other places where food is served. Sometimes, businesses will have an area or multiple areas of defective flooring that need repairs or will be in violation of construction code which can cause injuries. Companies or landowners are liable when a problem exists that could affect people’s safety; they have a duty to fix the issue and/or warn people. Failure to do either adequately can lead to injuries for individuals and culpability for the business or landowner.

Slip and fall cases are viewed more skeptically by juries because of the perception that individuals need to be aware of their surroundings and the notion that the injured was in control of the situation unlike in other types of accidents that deal with multiple parties. Since there are obstacles in slip and fall cases, an experienced personal injury compensation lawyer is crucial. These lawyers will work to prove the property or business owner’s liability by obtaining the company’s policies regarding premises inspections and hazards, contacting witnesses and statements, directing the injured to the appropriate medical evaluations, and other factors necessary to build a solid case.

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